03/18/2014 02:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's The Ultimate TV Watching, Alcohol Drinking Guide To Staying In

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Staying in doesn't have to mean spending a boring night alone, wishing you had actually made the effort to put on pants and check out that new bar with your friends. A casual evening in front of the television is a wonderful thing, and it's always a good choice for when you're just not feeling up to a night on the town. As Liz Lemon so expertly put it, "Say yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more."

No matter what kind of a day you've had, we can suggest the perfect TV show/drink combination to round everything out, so get cozy, pour a glass and indulge.

For when you want the fun of the party, without the effort:

Watch: "Scrubs" Drink: Appletinis

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There's nothing like the combination of Dr. John Dorian and an electric-green cocktail to make you feel fancy. Yes, you can feel like you're having a party, without any of the mess, travel or awkward social interactions.

For after you've gotten an amazing promotion or rocked an important project:

Watch: "Mad Men" Drink: Old Fashioned/Scotch/Bourbon

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Don Draper likes to celebrate a job well done with a classic Old Fashioned, but really, three fingers of any brown liquor in a classy tumbler will do. This drink combined with a good "Mad Men" binge will have you feeling like you're living the high life.

For when you're feeling stressed:

Watch: "Scandal" Drink: Red Wine

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No matter how uptight you're feeling, just remember that your father isn't the head of a super-spy organization that's out to kill your friends. Take solace in that notion and a nice glass of red wine.

For when you're feeling angsty:

Watch:"Orange is the New Black" Drink: Hooch (toilet distillation not required)

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"Orange is the New Black" is a great choice for when you're feeling a little saucy, but unless you're actually in prison, toilet hooch is not recommended. Replace with any other alcohol that you think feels (or tastes) like contraband.

For a casual, sweatpants-wearing kind of night:

Watch: "How I Met Your Mother" Drink: Craft beer

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The gang frequently drinks a brew called Wharmpess, but seeing as how it unfortunately only exists in the world of the show, you'll have to pick a different craft beer. What could be more cozy than the combination of a cold brew and a show that's basically about hanging out?

For when you're feeling silly:

Watch: "30 Rock" Drink: Scotch, or something else sophisticated and expensive

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Admittedly, scotch and silliness don't often go together, but they do in the world of "30 Rock," and that's good enough for us. You should also definitely be wearing a tux for this occasion. It's after six; what are you, a farmer?

For when you're feeling down in the dumps:

Watch: "Girls" Drink: Microbrews

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The microbrew will remind you that you're a unique and individual flower, and "Girls" will remind you that no matter how bad things seem, someone else is a lot worse for the wear.

For a ladies' night in:

Watch: "Sex and the City" Drink: Cosmo

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It really doesn't get much more "ladies' night" than this. Be sure to hit pause every once in a while -- in order to discuss a particularly juicy piece of gossip.



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