03/19/2014 04:52 pm ET

26 Things 'Twin Peaks' Taught Us About Life

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The year was 1990. The place was the Pacific Northwest. The coffee was hot, the pie plentiful... as were the life lessons.

Every fan of "Twin Peaks" will tell you that the short-lived series offered as much truth as it did mystery. Sure, we tuned in to find out who killed Laura Palmer, but we walked away knowing that you have to be careful where you get your coffee.

And don't even get us started on the noble truths imparted to us by Agent Albert Rosenfield.

Below are 26 life lessons from "Twin Peaks." There are certainly more. Take a look and tell us yours.

  • 1 Always face challenges head on.
  • 2 Be open to life's surprises.
  • 3 Enjoy the little things.
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  • 4 Be fair and open-minded
  • 5 Don't be afraid to confide in your closest friends.
  • 6 But don't be an open book; retain a bit of mystery.
  • 7 And be a good listener.
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  • 8 Be generous with compliments.
    Curtis Simpson
  • 9 But throw some shade when necessary.
    The Twin Peaks Lodge
  • 10 Always tell the truth.
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  • 11 Tell the hardest truth first.
    The Great Northern Hotel
  • 12 Smile more.
    Too Much Nick
  • 13 And just be yourself.
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  • 14 Don't let minor setbacks get you down.
  • 15 Always be prepared to pass a sobriety test.
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  • 16 Don't smoke.
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  • 17 Don't be afraid to express your feelings.
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  • 18 All of your feelings.
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  • 19 Ok, maybe not ALL of your feelings.
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  • 20 Remember to make time for YOU.
  • 21 Protect the ones you love...
    The Twin Peaks Lodge
  • 22 ...and never let them enter a pageant.
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  • 23 Know who your real friends are.
  • 24 But enjoy making new ones.
  • 25 Most importantly, treat yo self...
  • 26 and always celebrate a job well done.
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