03/19/2014 11:16 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2014

David Koechner Makes An Offer You Might Refuse In 'Cheap Thrills' (VIDEO)

"Cheap Thrills," a new comedy/thriller from Drafthouse Films, focuses on cheap thrills. It's the story of a broke family man named Craig (Pat Healy) who, along with a buddy (Ethan Embry), take money from a wealthy stranger, Colin (David Koechner), in exchange for duplicitous acts of mischief. What kind of misconduct? In a new clip from the film, which is debuting exclusively here at HuffPost Entertainment, Colin offers Craig $1200 to turn a neighboring home into an outhouse as an act of revenge for leaving dog poop on the sidewalk. Watch the NSFW dare below, then think about how much it would take you to do the same thing. "Cheap Thrills" is available via on-demand services now. It arrives in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas on March 21 before debuting in New York on March 28. More on the film can be found here.



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