03/19/2014 10:33 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

Tea Party Challenger Matt Bevin Advises Mitch McConnell To 'Retire With Dignity'

Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin advised Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to “retire with dignity” after serving five terms, during a campaign speech in Middletown, Ky. on Tuesday, according to Time.

“There’s no one, myself included, who could go to Washington for 20-30-40 years and not change. It’s cathartic, good, refreshing for there to be turnover,” the tea party-backed candidate told the crowd. “It’s best to retire with dignity. I’m offering Mitch McConnell the chance to do so.”

Bevin, a Louisville businessman, also expressed disappointment in the slew of attack mailings directed at his campaign.

“I’ve gotten so much ugly mail,” Bevin said. “I’m starting to hate myself.”

On Monday, Bevin accepted Kentucky Educational Television’s invitation to a Republican Senate primary debate and accused McConnell of refusing to participate because he “can’t defend his record.”

“I’d love to debate him, but he’s afraid to because he can’t defend his record and he has no vision for the future," Bevin told WKU Public Radio on Tuesday. "He can’t run on anything he’s done in the past.”

Among likely Republican GOP primary voters, Bevin trails McConnell by 38 points, according to a to a March Public Opinion Strategies poll. The Kentucky primary will take place on May 20.



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