03/20/2014 10:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

29 Reasons Brooklyn Will Never Be Overrated

1. Because there's way more to this borough than just Williamsburg.


2. Because it is home to one of the most beautiful parks ever created.

prospect park

3. Even Brooklyn’s cemeteries are wonderful places for a stroll.

greenwood cemetery

4. Because its brownstones look like this.


5. And its streets look like this.

eastern parkway

6. And there are awesome old homes like this.

cool house

7. Because the West Indian Day Parade is one of the most underrated in the country.

parade brooklyn

8. Same goes for the Brooklyn Museum.

brooklyn museum

9. And the amazing, amazing street art.

street art

10. Because Jackie Robinson happened here.

jackie robinson

11. And because its diners feel like home.

toms restaurant brooklyn

12. Because this guy is from here.


13. And this guy.

notorious big

14. And this guy.

spike lee

15. And Babs.

barbara streisand

16. Even MICHAEL FREAKING JORDAN was born in Brooklyn.

michael jordan

17. And because Brooklyn-born Larry David is so Brooklyn and so the best.

larry david

18. Because many of the best writers wrote and still write in Brooklyn. Like Walt Whitman (pictured), Truman Capote, Jonathan Lethem, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jennifer Egan, Nicole Krauss and Richard Wright.

walt whitman

19. Because this place was made for biking. In fact, the nation's first bike path is on Brooklyn's Ocean Parkway, and it takes you to the beach.

ocean parkway bike path

20. Because "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" is a great book that will still make you feel all the feelings.

a tree grows in brooklyn

21. Because Brooklyn even has its own accent.

fuhgeddaboudit sign

22. Because Brooklyn Lager was here before the hipsters were.

brooklyn lager

23. Because Brooklyn is so old there's such a thing as The Battle Of Brooklyn.

revolutionary war brooklyn

Here's an illustration of George Washington and the Continental Army after being defeated by the British in the Battle of Brooklyn in August 1776.

24. Because one of the earliest roller coasters in the U.S., known as the switchback railway, was built in 1884 in Brooklyn's Coney Island.

coney island cyclone black and white

The Coney Island Cyclone replaced the switchback railway in 1927.

25. Speaking of Coney Island, Nathan's Famous was started there by a Polish immigrant in 1916.

nathans famous black and white

26. And while we're talking about food, most New Yorkers would admit the best pizza can be found in Brooklyn. Like at Di Fara in Midwood.

di fara pizza

27. Because one Brooklyn bakery in Williamsburg supplies a lot of flaky, delicious chocolate babkas and rugelach to the whole city.


28. And because you can pretty much find food from all over the world in Brooklyn. Ever tried Uygur food?

kashkar cafe

29. And most important, because no one in Manhattan has this view.

view of manhattan