03/19/2014 01:56 pm ET

Teen Sinks Game-Winning Basket 9 Days After Being Shot

Any athlete will tell you that successfully recovering from injury can be a difficult prospect. Tyquone Greer may have missed that memo.

Just nine days after he was shot in the calf, the Chicago-based Orr Academy High School senior returned to the basketball court Tuesday night. And if his quick recovery was remarkable, it was outshined only by his on-court performance.

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A portrait of Tyquone Greer.

With three seconds remaining in the match against rival North Chicago, Greer sunk a game-winning 3-point shot, thereby helping the team avoid a season-ending loss and advancing them to the state semifinals on March 21.

"This could have been our last game and I wanted to make my presence felt," Greer told the Chicago Tribune after the game, reflecting on his basket.

"If we were going to lose, I wanted to be out there on the court with my teammates,” he added to the Chicago Sun-Times. “We’ve been through a lot together over four years. If it was going to be somebody’s fault, I would rather it have been mine. That’s why I kept telling him to put me in the game.”

Thanks in no small part to Greer's determination, Orr won the game 71-68.

WATCH the ESPN segment on Greer, above. His game winning shot, below.



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