03/20/2014 02:43 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

Not Every College Student Spends Their Spring Break Getting Wasted

There are two weeks in the month of March that are usually known for copious amounts of sleeping, binge-drinking, and general debauchery. Of course, this ungodly fortnight worth of shenanigans (that we couldn't be more nostalgic for, if you can't tell) is formally referred to as "Spring Break."

But these storied spring breaks may not be for everyone, it turns out. Many college students hopt for "alternative spring breaks," community service-themed trips organized by their respective colleges and universities.

Scott Stewart, a junior at Central Michigan University, is one such student, who just completed his third alternative spring break.

Stewart cited his second trip, done in conjunction with LGTBQ suicide-prevention hotline The Trevor Project, as having the most lasting impact on him and his peers.

"A lot of us on that break are continuing to volunteer with them," Stewart said. "[The Trevor Project] really focused on making sure their staff was focused on us so we learned as much as possible. Because of the education that we gained, we wanted to continue our service on a more intense level."

Stewart considered it "one of the most amazing experiences" he's had thus far.

"Every single person on our break got so much from it and was so empowered," he recounted. "I could go on for days."

Community service and no hangover? We can officially deem this a healthy alternative.

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