03/20/2014 01:54 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

'Baby Got Back' Sinatra Style Puts Some Swing Into Sir Mix-a-Lot's Ode To Butts

If you think the world was denied by the fact that Sir Mix-A-Lot appears nowhere on Frank Sinatra's two "Duets" albums, here's the video you've been waiting for.

It's a "Baby Got Back" cover that puts some Rat Pack swing into the 1992 rap classic.

Based on "One For My Baby," this tune from SCC Comedy is called "One For My Baby's Got Back."

If swing ain't your thing, there's a "Baby Got Back" for just about every mood: heavy metal, jazz and even one in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan:

Shake that healthy butt and then check out some of our favorites from over the years: