03/20/2014 01:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Craigslist Guy Hates 'Dog With A Blog' So Much He Wants To Give You His TV

Adam Taylor via Getty Images

I wouldn't take it personally, Stan, but it appears someone named Jason in Chicago really, really doesn't like your show.

Catching a glimpse of the Disney Channel hit "Dog with a Blog," which stars a tech-savvy talking dog named Stan and was recently renewed for a third season, was apparently the last straw for a flatscreen television owner in Chicago. So, "Jason" is offering to give away his "Dog with a Blog streaming system" via an f-bomb-laden Craigslist ad because he says the canine-centric show reminded him how much he dislikes television.


"Jason" goes on to describe the television, which his ex-boyfriend apparently forced him to buy, as having ports ("HDMI and some other shit I could give two f***s about"), a "plug so it can get electricity" and WiFi capabilities "so you can watch all the porn in the world." It apparently works just fine "except for the fact that it doesn't block a show called Dog with a Blog."

The ad also advises any prospective future owners of the TV to "bring a bottle of wine over as payment" if they "feel so inclined," as well as a friend to help them carry it out of his home because Jason, who describes himself as "grumpy and mean," won't be helping you carry it to your car: "I'll smoke a cigarette and wave to you as you carry it down the stairs. That's about how much help you'll get from me."

And there you have it. Sure, this ad has all the signs of a comedian's handiwork (remember that Syria-themed Craigslist ad?), but you never know. Anyone in Chicago need a TV?



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