03/20/2014 12:53 pm ET

The Moment I Knew I Needed A Healthier Lifestyle

You never know when a breakthrough will strike. For Jodi Clark, the moment of clarity came during a completely ordinary lunch.

As she ate, she got to thinking about several things. First, her uncle had recently died unexpectedly at 52 of a stress-induced heart attack. Her father was also struggling with a host of health issues, including prostate cancer, sugar addiction and a recent surgery. At the same time, Clark was working with adolescents on an issue-oriented improv theater project that would spread the message of a healthy lifestyle.

"As I was contemplating all of that, it juts kind of hit me at this one particular lunchtime -- I was not living this lifestyle that I was going to be promoting with these teenagers that I worked with," Clark told HuffPost Live. "In order for them to believe this was something that was possible and a good idea, I needed to live it."

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The Moment I Knew