03/20/2014 07:12 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

Veteran Who Lost His Legs Brought To Tears By Treatment At Six Flags

A veteran with disabilities was brought to tears by the treatment he received -- in front of his teenage daughter -- at a Six Flags in Texas.

Sgt. Stephen Jackel, who lost his legs in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan, was trying to ride a roller coaster called "Boomerang" with his 14-year-old daughter when he was stopped by park employees, Fox News reported. Ride attendants told him that without "one fully functioning" leg he would not be able to ride, and they initially refused to refund his tickets, the outlet reported.

"My daughter was there throughout the whole time, and it got so frustrating that I broke down in front of my daughter and cried," Jackel told KMOV News.

Jackel, who says he disclosed his disability before entering the park and was not told he wouldn't be able to use the rides, had to argue with park management for more than three hours. When he asked for a refund, Six Flags employees offered him replacement tickets, according to Fox.

Six Flags later issued a statement of apology and has offered a refund.

“I [and] my family will never go to Six Flags again,” the veteran said.

If this story angered you, consider channeling that toward support for organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project.



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