03/21/2014 10:30 am ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

Networks Ask If Missing Flight Became 'Zombie' Plane


The endless stream of theories about what might have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continued on Thursday night.

So far, CNN has discussed whether the plane went missing due to "supernatural" causes or perhaps even a black hole. Now, the network is wondering if the flight crashed after becoming a "zombie plane."

Wolf Blitzer introduced correspondent Suzanne Malveaux on Thursday to talk about what he called a "chilling new theory" for the plane's disappearance. “It sounds very ominous here, but this is a theory that could explain why and how this plane went down,” Malveaux said.

She explained that the scenario could have occurred if fumes or smoke knocked out everyone on the plane, which would then have flown on autopilot until crashing. Malveaux said that was what caused the crash of a charter plane carrying golfer Payne Stewart in 1999.

“Could Malaysia Flight 370 have also turned into a so-called ‘zombie plane?’” she asked. She added that "skeptics" have said that it is "highly unlikely" given existing evidence about the plane.

CNN wasn't the only network to consider the theory. Clive Irving, who wrote "How Flight 370 Could Have Become a Zombie" for the Daily Beast, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the scenario with Chris Hayes.

“So what is behind the credibility of the zombie plane theory is whether or not you believe this is an investigation into a mechanical failure of the Malaysian flight or an investigation into a criminal act," Malveaux said Thursday.

This brings us to the final conclusion, which is that no one knows exactly what happened to the plane yet.

(h/t Mediaite)