03/21/2014 11:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's How Much Money People Are Wasting On Illegal Drugs (INFOGRAPHIC)

Buying illegal drugs isn't just terrible for you, it's also no good for your wallet.

Online black markets like Silk Road -- which the FBI shut down in October -- bring buyers just a few clicks away from illegal substances, but a drug rehab center is proving that going online is even more bank-busting than buying on the street.

Clarity Way created the infographic below to show that "the expensiveness factor with the emotional, health, and career costs of substance abuse [creates] a recipe for a very unhappy life," a representative told The Huffington Post. The center used stats from news sources including The Washington Post and the International Business Times.

Indeed, the buying price of a gram of heroin on Silk Road was nearly two times greater than heroin's average street price, according to the graphic. But whether you're buying online or on the street, you're wasting a lot of money:

drug prices