03/21/2014 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Want To See The Future of Espresso? Try This $10,000 Model

Matt Gibson via Getty Images

Slide, tap, pour. It's the new way to "make" espresso.

Forget your fancy Keurig machine, because there's a new toy in town -- the iPhone-operated TopBrewer from Scanomat. Coming in at a cool $10,000, you might not want to give away your coffee pot just yet.

top brewer

With its sleek Danish design and ability to make any fancy drink at your fingertips, TopBrewer is hitting the market this spring, and to much fanfare. While Starbucks is trying to get its customers drunk, TopBrewer is busy patenting milk foamers and inspiring customers to this out-of-the-box espresso maker a chance.

But as "inspired" as we were when we saw this video, our last paycheck doesn't really inspire us make a purchase. It'll be interesting to see how if this product from Scanomat changes the coffee game, or if the best part of waking up is still Folgers in your cup.

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