03/21/2014 11:51 am ET

Dating Is Even Harder When Frankenstein Is Your Ex-Boyfriend

We tend to de-humanize our exes after breakups. After all, we're sad and confused. But imagine if you could actually write off your ex's terrible behavior as faulty engineering.

Writer and director Aimée Lutkin shows us what it's really like to date the wrong guy in her new sketch "The Ex Of Frankenstein." The video, featuring Audrey Stanfield and Lauren Ireland, is all too familiar to any woman who has vented with a best friend about an ex -- except this time the ex is Frankenstein's monster.

Although Frankenstein doesn't sound like the best boyfriend, the drawbacks are definitely made up for with the never-ending puns that become available after you end your relationship: “I feel like he was made for me," and (our favorite), “There were lots of red flags, lots of weird Freudian sh*t happening with his creator.”

Not only does "Ex Of Frankenstein" have us happily giggling, it definitely makes us a bit more thankful that our relationship problems stay within the human realm. We think "it's not you, it's me" is a totally reasonable approach for him to take.

[h/t The Hairpin]