03/21/2014 01:54 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

Keith Olbermann: Shingles Drugs Make Me 'A Danger To Humanity'

No good story starts with the words, "Let me tell you about shingles."

But that's how Keith Olbermann addressed his viewers Thursday when he decided to clarify the real reason why he has been frequently absent from his broadcasts as of late. The ESPN host announced in February that he had come down with a case of shingles, but apparently the post-shingles drugs are even worse.

"They start you on Vicodin, and then they work you up to the heavy stuff," he said. "It feels like you fell out of an airplane onto pointy poison ivy that then catches fire."

Olbermann said if he is experiencing all of the drugs' side-effects, like impaired sleep and head pain, he becomes "a danger to humanity" on TV.

He wasn't kidding. He started to go a little crazy on air just talking about the drugs, describing some of the hallucinations he's had, like being a member in a band and doing construction on the street with a jackhammer. He added that aside from the drugs 'knocking you out,' he has also been experiencing a limp that requires him to walk with a cane.

Curious viewers responded with questions for Olbermann on Twitter Friday, and he didn't hold anything back:

Watch the video for the full clip.