03/21/2014 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lioness Attacks Crocodile, And She's Totally Not Going To Share

Sometimes, it's no fun to share. Just ask this prowling lioness.

After the lioness attacks a crocodile, she sits down to enjoy her prey but is interrupted by others in her pride. To keep other lions from barging in on her meal, she scurries off with her fresh kill.

The incredible incident was captured on film by visitors at Kruger National Park, a vast game reserve in South Africa. In the video, posted on YouTube this week, the lioness attacks a small crocodile along a river bank. The big cat then snatches the fleeing reptile right before it makes it to the water.

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As other lions approach moments later, the lioness sprints away, apparently refusing to share her catch.

The sequence of events is a far cry from another lion-on-croc attack in which a lioness pounced on a crocodile to protect her pride. In photos of the striking scene from 2012, the protective lioness takes on a much larger crocodile in a shallow body of water after it drew too close to her cubs.



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