03/21/2014 09:55 am ET Updated May 21, 2014

Mark Halperin Has A Sudden Flash Of Insight, Takes To Twitter

Bravo via Getty Images

It was in the wan light of a morning still sleepily breaking into the day to come that the idea occurred to him. It was a thought, a notion, that first seemed to be slowly ambling into his consciousness, and then was suddenly there, all at once, like a flood of unfamiliar beliefs.

He struggled to understand this new concept welling up in his imagination. A full approximation of its significance was not something he was constitutionally able to achieve in the split-second that was afforded him by this new insight before its insistent demands for concrete realization compelled him -- with the same instinctual needfulness that a worn-out body would seek to put down a heavy load in order to obtain a sweet, spare moment of relaxation -- to get this flash of perception out of his mind and into the world.

So he quickly turned to Twitter:

He clicked "send" on the tweet. A minute passed. Two minutes. Turning his mind's eye inward once again, he found no evidence of the brainstorm that had so quickly and so unexpectedly shot across his mind. In its place, the familiar images of bridges collapsing and old-timey trains crashing in slow motion had once again returned, along with the dull, glazed sensation to which he'd long become accustomed.

"Biggest @BilldeBlasio problem: He doesn't know what he doesn't know," he typed, relieved that self-awareness had once again been kept at bay for another day.

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