03/21/2014 06:43 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

We Know Marriage Material When We See It (And Now We've Seen It)

There are plenty of super serious factors that make someone marriage material. But there are other not-so-serious things that matter just as much, in our humble (read: expert) opinion.

Below are 10 sweet gestures from significant others who are totally winning at the whole relationship thing. Take notes.

  • "Get home at midnight after a long shift at work and find my GF asleep with this note. She's definitely a keeper." - Redditor reddmanz
  • "My girlfriend made this for me when I was feeling down one day. She's a keeper." - ivydesert via Reddit
  • "GF baked me a cake for our one-year anniversary. I think she's a keeper." - ballywell via Reddit
  • Came home to this. Marriage material.
    "Came home to this. Marriage material." - riversmeow via Imgur
  • "After a really crappy week last week, my boyfriend took me to Paris for Valentine's Day! He's a keeper." - aimeehorror via Reddit
  • "So, I guess he's a keeper." - ohpleaseno via Reddit
  • Wife material
    "Wife material." - NotSureWhatToDoHere via Imgur (Click image twice to view larger)
  • "I'm studying to become a nail tech, and my boyfriend is being an awesome sport so I can practice." - liz-to-the-e-bitches via Reddit
  • "My husband opens all the windows and seals off the kitchen when he cooks dinner so my sense of smell doesn't go into overdrive. He's a keeper." - Pregnant Redditor FelCoh
  • My girlfriend made this for me. She may be a keeper.
    "My girlfriend made this for me. She may be a keeper." - BetatestedyourGF via Imgur

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