03/21/2014 05:40 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2014

Prom Queen Gives Her Crown To A Special Needs Student -- Who Hasn't Taken It Off Since

Kendra Muller was crowned Riverton High School's prom queen Saturday night, but decided the honor might mean more to the runner up, Amanda Belnap, who has special needs.

Kendra, 16, was paralyzed in an accident three years ago, ABC News reports. According to her principal, Carolyn Gough, the students at Riverton are "oblivious to disabilities" and are generous to each other. This story is a testament to that.

The two girls weren't really friends, FOX 13 reports, but Kendra felt Amanda really deserved it. "I was really honored and happy, but I felt like Amanda would be even MORE happy and more honored to get it," Muller told ABC.

She was right. Amanda was thrilled and plans to wear the crown all week.

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