03/21/2014 10:00 am ET

The Great Digital BFF Renaissance

SuperStock via Getty Images

At noon on Sunday, a female friend texted me three pictures of herself in lingerie. They were intended for a man she’d been sleeping with, and she wanted me to review them. “He sexted me a lot last week, but then when I initiated a couple days ago, no response,” she said. “These are Hail Mary tits.”

After issuing a reminder that she is definitely too good for this inattentive loser, I reviewed the pics. “GIRL THESE ARE GOOD. Your bod is TIGHT. Did you join a gym or something? Nice panties.” We discussed our favorite underwear brands, the best selfie poses for hiding beer-bloated tummies, and why her latest sex partner is a jerk. Then we tried to schedule a hangout, but finding ourselves without mutual availability, gave up. Nevertheless, she messaged again at 5 p.m.: “Okay I’m getting fucked tonight, good work team.”

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