03/24/2014 10:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Three Tips For Looking And Staying Youthful, From Valerie Bertinelli (VIDEO)

Hot In Cleveland actress Valerie Bertinelli had some excellent tips to share with us when it comes to looking and feeling youthful.

First, Valerie recommends drinking plenty of water daily. If you struggle with drinking enough water, she recommends a great smartphone app called “AddWater.”

Next, Valerie stressed the importance of sleep. She finds that she functions best with 8 full hours.

Finally, she recommends eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy foods. “You are what you eat!” she said. Valerie has made small diet changes, like swapping almond milk for dairy or eliminating flaxseed, and she’s noticed differences in how she looks and feels.

Get Valerie's latest book, One Dish at a Time, here.

For more of Valerie's life and career, view the slideshow below:

Valerie Bertinelli

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