03/22/2014 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top Rick Scott Fundraiser Quits Campaign Post

Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is losing a key member of his campaign team in a sudden shakeup.

The Miami Herald reported Friday that Scott's campaign finance co-chair, Mike Fernandez, quit late Thursday night. Publicly, Fernandez said he was leaving to focus more attention on his family and business, but reports said there was trouble behind the scenes.

“Together, we have helped the governor raise more than $35 million," Fernandez wrote in a letter released by the Scott campaign. "This has been an unprecedented effort, which is only matched by our shared commitment to re-elect our governor this November. I am proud of the team the governor has put together, and I am confident that we are on course for victory."

Fernandez also acknowledged to the Herald that his exit had to do with the campaign, and not Scott. He vowed to continue supporting the governor against Democratic rival and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D), admitting to some of his own faults in the process.

"To be fair to those people who I have criticized, I probably have overstepped my — or maybe their —comfort zone," Fernandez told the paper. "Because I'm used to being the CEO. Here I'm not the CEO. I'm a senior vice president at the most."

As of Friday, HuffPost Pollster's latest compilation of 15 publicly available polls showed Scott trailing Crist by three points.



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