03/24/2014 12:55 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2014

Anthony Weiner Is Now A Political Columnist


In a move that had wags everywhere digging into their past to find their best 2012-era genital puns, Business Insider announced on Monday that it has hired Anthony Weiner as a political columnist.

Weiner's column—which will be called "Weiner!"—will appear the last Friday of every month, and will discuss "the top political issues of the day imbued with his unique insider's perspective," Business Insider said.

The news comes months after Weiner lost the New York mayoral primary election in September 2013. The former congressman resigned from Congress in 2011 after admitting to sexting with several women, and it was later revealed that he continued to sext with women after his resignation.

Of course, before his name became a synonym for "humiliating personal scandal," Weiner was well-known as a political bruiser.