03/24/2014 06:42 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2014

Dad And Baby Have An Intense Debate About Dropped Pancakes

Dropping pancakes on the floor is an offense this baby will not apologize for.

When her dad says, in Russian (loosely translated), "You dropped all the pancakes on the floor" she simply throws up her hands, shakes her head and gets loud right back (in Russian baby talk, of course).

But as the two go on, Dad takes it up a notch, saying something along the lines of "So you're not gonna keep yelling? Then what will you be doing if I whoop your a**?"

Whoa. Hold up. A fellow Russian on Reddit explains this away as being all in good fun:

It's funny how if you translate word-to-word, the dad sounds pretty violent, promising to do some ass slapping for bad behaviour. But in reality it's just the way Russians interact with their babies, I have similar audio tapes from my childhood.

We're going to hope that's the case, and note that the baby probably doesn't understand a word Dad is saying. Now, can she -- and the floor -- please have another pancake?

(hat tip: tastefully offensive)

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