03/24/2014 03:49 pm ET

Drama Diabolos On What Life Is Like With A Face Tattoo (VIDEO)

While tattoos are generally becoming more popular and accepted, there's still one place on the body where a tattoo is sure to turn heads: the face. DJ and TV personality Drama Diabolos spoke on HuffPost Live about what life is like for a person with face tattoos.

Diabolos got his first face tattoo 11 years ago as a way to keep himself focused on his career. "When I was younger, I would watch everyone struggle -- working 9-to-5 jobs all the time that they never really are happy with and they're just doing it to get by," he explained to host Ricky Camilleri.

"I kind of wanted to put myself in a situation where I had no choice to back out -- even at times when they were really, really hard -- to cave in and do the whole 9-to-5 thing, make myself unhappy. So even when times are weak, it just keeps me going because I have no other options."

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Drama Diabolos's Face Tattoos

He joked that the ink was also practical. "[It] seems like a really drastic measure but it's one that I wanted to take, and seeing as how I was already pretty much covered from neck down, yeah, I was running out of room as well."

Diabolos also addressed concerns about discrimination due to his tattoo. "I don't think that anybody's look should actually defer what your goals are or make you feel like you can't do anything."

"I think that people with face tattoos are going to get judged more," he added, responding to a 2008 study proposing a link between tattoos and personality disorders. "There's no study saying how many people went absolutely psychotic that don't have face tattoos and do robberies, you know what I mean? It's always about the small little bit that looks different. So since we're in a smaller group, we're going to get focused on a lot more because we stand out."

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