03/24/2014 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These 21 Failed Chain Stores Aren't Fooling Anyone

By all accounts, we may have gotten a little too excited about cheap burgers and discount TVs in recent decades.

Thanks to a long trend of rampant consumerism and willful ignorance of its consequences, some of our former big box stores and fast-food joints are now lying empty, leaving communities the problem of what to do with the sad reminders of a wasteful culture.

Small business owners and local governments alike have come up with some pretty great solutions, and observant Reddit users have taken note. No matter how these buildings have been repurposed, they're still not fooling anybody about their past lives.

We see you there, Pizza Hut...

And you, too, Taco Bell...

Flickr: Kevin Lim

You can't hide that terra-cotta roof!

And the arched windows are a dead giveaway.

Flickr: MJBarnes

Here's a McDonald's now serving different fried foods.

But this Long John Silver really turned a 180.

So did this Circuit City.

You won't find any buckets of chicken at these former KFCs.

This ex-IHOP isn't serving up pancakes, either.

But here's a creative way to recycle a Waffle House!

And that Wendy's roof recalls the Frosties of our childhoods.

Burger King, is that you?

This accordion shop hasn't even tried to hide its past identity.

We're sorry, Blockbuster, but Netflix enables our binge-watching habit better than you ever could.

And Best Buy, we can't even remember the last time we bought a CD.

Flickr: l_dawg2000

Here's the world's first G-rated Hooters.

And finally, an ingenious way to recycle a Hollywood Video sign.



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