03/24/2014 05:38 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2014

Ricky Gervais Wants To Bring Back David Brent From 'The Office'

Ben Hider/Invision/AP

Good news for fans of the original version of "The Office." Creator and star Ricky Gervais has revealed he is hoping to bring his cringe-worthy boss character, David Brent, back to TV.

Gervais told The Sunday Times that he's toying with the idea of having Brent's band, Foregone Conclusion, make a tour documentary, directed by the character in his own over-the-top way.

"It’s just an idea. I want to do a tour, a little tour –- and people think they're seeing a tour. I film it, but actually it’s Brent who thinks he’s making a Scorsese-type thing of 'On the Road.' Of course, behind the scenes, it is so much sadder and more poignant," Gervais told The Sunday Times. "It’s 'Spinal Tap' meets sad Scorsese meets 'Anvil.' It’s more of a breakdown of this man who thought he was going to be something else."

According to The Telegraph, Gervais' Foregone Conclusion made its debut in 2013 with three live shows at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre -- each sold out in less than 15 seconds.

Since that success, a tour has been announced for May of this year. If Gervais gets his way, people will be able to see Brent on screen once again. It's unclear at this time where it will debut but in his interview the 52-year-old comedian mentioned Netflix, HBO and BBC, all networks he's sold shows to previously.