03/25/2014 10:06 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

13 Little Luxuries We Deserve Now That We're Over 50

Anne Ackermann via Getty Images

One of the kids asks, "What's the good thing about growing up?" There is one.

It's a mixed blessing for sure, but the best part may be that you really have earned some of life's treats. You really are worth it, and you really do deserve it. For us, it's more than a marketing tool, it is truth, an axiom for the good life.

Let's talk little luxuries. They're almost better than the big ones. Big satisfaction for small expenditure, and small guilt!

Face cream on your hands. Clean jersey-knit sheets. The scent of wood smoke on a fall day, even if you have to burn the old kitchen cabinets. Your kind of music, on a player that holds 2,000 songs, and never once reverb-ed a rapper.

Once you're 50-plus — if you can do it — really do it.

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