03/25/2014 06:23 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2014

Gloria Trevi Movie On Controversial Past Heads To Theaters (TRAILER)

Gloria Trevi may have risen like the phoenix from the ashes of her controversial past, but few have forgotten the events that led to her arrest 14 years ago.

Those that have are about to get a refresher.

A film inspired by the life of the Mexican 1990s pop sensation is set to be released this September, despite the singer’s public disapproval and legal battle against the film, according to EFE. On Monday, the first trailer for “Gloria” premiered.

Trevi will be brought to life in the biopic by actress Sofia Espinosa, who will also sing several of the star’s iconic hits in the movie. Actor Marco Perez will play the singer’s former manager and partner Sergio Andrade.

Despite hesitation from Trevi herself, producer Matthias Ehrenberg said in a press conference that the screenplay is intended as an honest portrayal of the singer’s life and will be based on interviews she gave to journalist and playwright Sabina Berman.

"It's an impartial story with no yellow journalism in it,” Ehrenberg said, according to EFE. “Basically it's about Gloria the celebrity, her rise to fame, what happened to her, things that go out of control and the consequences.”

Berman wrote the screenplay for the biopic and Ehrenberg will produce the film that will also be directed by Switzerland’s Christian Keller. “Gloria” will be released on Sept. 5 in more than 1,000 Mexican movie theaters.

The “Pelo Suelto” singer rose to fame in the early 1990s with her girl power anthems, but would hit rock bottom soon after Trevi, Andrade and a backup singer were publicly accused of the kidnapping, sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

The three denied the charges, fled Mexico and were declared fugitives. In January 2000, they were arrested while living in Brazil. After a long legal battle, Trevi was extradited to Mexico in 2002. Two years later, the singer was released and quickly began trying to revive her career with the album, “Cómo Nace El Universo.”

Trevi is currently on tour for her ninth studio album, "De Película," and performed at New York’s Stage 48 over the weekend.

“To be there on stage and have people screaming ‘Gloria, Gloria, Gloria,’ imagine what I feel after having been so low, in a hole so deep,” Trevi told People en Español.

Check out the trailer for “Gloria” above.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified "De Película" as Trevi's fourth studio album. The album is actually her ninth studio album.



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