03/25/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

The Subjects Of New York Times Millennial Trend Stories Aren't Actually Millennials

Andrew Hobbs via Getty Images

Millennials are up to their old tricks again, what with their texting and their blogging. But this time, they’re taking their digital communication styles to the grave. “Gen Y-ers and millennials have begun projecting their own sensibilities onto rituals and discussions surrounding death,” the New York Times reports. “As befits the first generation of digital natives, they are starting blogs, YouTube series and Instagram feeds about grief, loss and even the macabre, bringing the conversation about bereavement and the deceased into a very public forum, sometimes with jarring results.” Case in point: Rebecca Soffer, whose friends sent their condolences after her father’s death in the form of texts bearing messages like “how are you?” and “sorry.”

What a fascinating example of how millennials are using innovative technologies to deal with the most basic of human problems. Except that Rebecca Soffer is not a millennial. She’s 37.

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