03/25/2014 10:58 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2014

ONE ON ONE: Adrian Grenier On Environmentalism

As an actor, Adrian Grenier’s most famous characterization is that of Vinnie Chase in the hit show ‘Entourage,’ a young actor “living the life” in glamorous Los Angeles. Off-screen, Grenier is also a filmmaker, musician and environmental activist who devotes his considerable talents to raising awareness about how we live our daily lives. Grenier is the co-founder of a lifestyle site called SHFT, which promotes sustainability through video, design, art and culture, encouraging people to make environmental changes firstly within their own lives and at the community level.

“I try not to make decisions that are dictated by my role in the world. I try to make decisions that are personal and have a positive effect on my immediate community,” says Grenier. He believes that being environmentally conscious and living sustainably doesn’t have to be an intimidating concept that involves grand gestures on a global scale. Rather, Grenier believes that the small changes people make in their own lives are perhaps the most important way we can make a difference when it comes to the environment.

“SHFT really is designed to be a very subtle ‘say yes’ environmental experience,” says Grenier. “All too often I see this instinct to go and help the rest of the world without recognizing first that we right here in America need a lot of help and we’re not necessarily at a moral standing to dictate anything to the rest of the world. The old saying ‘Think globally, act locally’ -- I think that’s true.”

The release of this year's UN Climate Change Report, which details the immediate and rising risks of global warming, prove that the world is simply not doing enough to combat climate change. We must task ourselves, on a local level, to reduce our own carbon footprint and advocate for the environment.