03/25/2014 09:28 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

Sean Combs Becomes Puff Daddy Again In Time For 'Big Homie' Single

For Sean Combs, it may be time to retire "the D, the i, the d, the d, the y." The industry heavyweight is ready to rhyme slow and quick as Puff Daddy again, returning to his former stage name 13 years after he traded in the moniker to become P. Diddy.

Combs announced his return to Puff in a new trailer for his upcoming single, "Big Homie." Presented by Bad Boy Entertainment, the clip shows the newly minted Puff Daddy hitting New York City and teases a collaboration with Rick Ross and French Montana. Check out the video below.

The Bad Boy mogul is marketing the move as not a name change, but a return to what he has always been.

Combs released his last album, still as P. Diddy, in 2010. His "Last Train to Paris" did not see the success of his previous projects, falling short of his highest-selling album to date, 1997's "No Way Out," released under the name Puff Daddy. "Big Homie" introduces Puff's upcoming 2014 album "MMM," which is expected to hit stores later this year. Keep an eye out for the full "Big Homie" single next week.



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