03/25/2014 09:33 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

How Shakira's Facebook Followers 'Humbled' The Singer (VIDEO)

Shakira received some recent unexpected news that became the icing to her career. The “Hips don’t Lie” singer found out that she has the most-followed page on Facebook in the world.

Feeling humbled, she thanked her fans on social media by blowing them a kiss and sharing her disbelief.

“Wow… I was just told I now have the most-followed page on Facebook in the world! I still cannot believe it! I always wanted to have a lot of friends but never imagined it would be so many…86m! So humbled, can’t thank you guys enough for your support. I feel so fortunate to have you. Giant kiss! Forever thankful, Shak,” wrote the 37-year-old Colombian superstar on Instagram.

Shak, with over 86.7 million followers has surpassed her colleague and collaborating partner, Rihanna, who has over 86.3 million fans on Facebook.

It seems that fans from all over the world “can’t remember to forget” these two sexy singers, especially after their controversial, yet popular video for the hit song.

What else is Shakira up to?

Not only is Shakira most followed on Facebook, but the Colombiana has a whopping 24.5 million followers on Twitter, a number that keeps increasing with passing days.

But despite her undeniable success on social media, it’s also confirmed, that the hip-shaking singer has recorded a new song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Four years after her renowned World Cup in South Africa hit, “Waka Waka,” Shak recorded “La La La,” a reworked version of new song “Dare”, for this summer’s Brazil event.

“It’s an upbeat, Brazilian track. The lyrics are personal and I’ve actually recorded a version for the World Cup,” said Shakira according to Daily Star.

Even the singer’s son Milan is featured on the track. “I was in the studio and Milan came in to hang out in the afternoon,” she explained.

“I had him on my lap and he was listening and then when it came to the end of the song, he just went ‘myah’.”

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