03/25/2014 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Traveler In Vietnam Gets Absurd Passive-Aggressive Letter For Snoring In Hostel

What's worse -- someone who snores all night, or someone who writes furious sleep-deprived letters to the snorer in question?

There's no right answer here, but based on the vulgarity of this letter, left for an alleged snorer at a dorm-style hostel in Vietnam, someone would be wise to invest in some earplugs.

"Dear Bed 72," begins the letter, before it then loses all pretense of civility, "I hate you."

READ the vulgar letter, which we've nicknamed "The Sound and the Fury," below:

"Please for the love of god get your sinuses checked before you ever sleep in a dorm room again," it continues. "Because of your ear-splitting snoring none of us got any sleep last night. We tried to wake you up numerous times but to no avail." From there, the letter tailspins into an x-rated insult involving Ho Chi Minh, before recommending "nose removal or euthanasia."

The letter ends, "You destroyed my happy place. With the fiery hatred of thousands of burning suns." It's signed, "Bed 70 xx."

The letter was posted to Reddit by Brittany Willet, a student at Texas A&M University (and a friend of the snorer), under the title, "Friend woke up to this day brightener after traveling abroad and spending a week in a youth hostel."

Willet told ABC News her snoring friend received the letter while traveling in Vietnam as a postgraduate student. Though her friend was initially "a bit upset" over the "quite immature" letter, says Willet, "we all ended up laughing about it."



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