03/25/2014 10:04 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2014

See Every Single Cultural Reference Used In 'The Office,' With 'The Office' Time Machine

NBC via Getty Images

"The Office" may have ended its run in 2013, but it will forever remain relevant to our humor-loving, pop-culture-reference-seeking hearts.

Leave it to the Internet to identify every single morsel of goodness in your favorite TV show. Joe Sabia has meticulously combed through all 201 episodes of "The Office" to isolate and identify every single cultural reference used throughout its nine-season run. The result is "The Office" Time Machine, an easy-to-navigate website that allows users to select any given year and see every single cultural reference that it has lent to Michael, Dwight, Jim and the rest of the crew.

Sabia has created a different reference mashup video for every single searchable year (or in the case of BC dates, set of years), showing just how much the ultra-popular show has borrowed from music, current events and history. According to the site, the purpose of "The Office" Time Machine is to challenge the current state of copyright laws by proving that popular culture is utilized, but not stolen, by artists to make new work more accessible to consumers by referencing things they know and love.

In the spirit of collaboration, Sabia even includes a link to a document where viewers can correct any mistakes he might have made and help to identify the last holdouts that have left him stumped.

Check out "The Office" Time Machine for the full experience and let your love for Michael Scott grow ever stronger.



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