03/25/2014 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zip Your Way Through Busy City Streets With This Tricycle

The Toyota i-Road may not be gender-specific, but it certainly takes Sheryl Sandberg’s advice to "lean in."

That’s because this three-wheeled electric vehicle takes a cue from motorcycles by leaning its operator into turns. Don’t quite understand? Then watch the video above.


In a recent press release, Toyota announced about 20 people will participate in testing 10 of the closed-roof vehicles through the streets of Tokyo. Testing began on March 24 and concludes in early June.

Powered by two electric motors and able to reach a top speed of about 37 mph, the narrow i-Road is Toyota’s answer to the urban runabout. With the comforts of a car, and the conveniently compact dimensions of a motorcycle, the little Toyota will soon find its way to Grenoble, France, as part of a car-sharing service, according to AutoblogGreen.


While the i-Road may seem too small for American tastes, in 2013 Autoweek overheard Jack Hollis, vice president of marketing at Toyota Motor Sales USA, say “We need to bring something like [the i-Road] into the U.S."



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