03/25/2014 12:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Willie Robertson Wants To Go Duck Hunting With Barack Obama

Gary Miller via Getty Images

Turns out "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson would really like to go duck hunting with President Obama.

Robertson stopped by Laura Ingraham's radio show on Monday, March 24, and she asked him which Democratic politician he'd like to go hunting with -- Obama, he said. "I'd like to talk and debate and find out what’s going on in his brain a little more," Robertson explained. "You know that's kind of my philosophy, I don't shy away from people I disagree with. I want to know why they think what they do and see if you can move to maybe change their thinking in some ways."

Robertson went on to say that duck hunting is a time for people to truly connect, and talk to one another. "I'd like to get him out there with some camouflage and a gun and we could sit out there and talk," he said.

Robertson has met the president a few times, but they last spoke at the State of the Union, where, according to the "Duck Dynasty" star, Obama teased him about his outfit. Maybe next time they see each other, they'll both be in camo.

Listen to the whole interview below:



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