03/26/2014 12:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This 18-Month-Old Snowboarder Is Tearin' It Up On The Bunny Hill

She may be tiny, but 18-month-old Aspen is already cruisin' on the slopes.

Mom Jill Haight used to snowboard competitively, so when it came time to teach her then 10-month-old daughter a winter sport, she and her husband chose to put their baby on a board, not skis. "We are from Breckenridge, Colorado, so living in a ski town it just a seemed natural to get Aspen out on the mountain as soon as she could walk," mom told The Huffington Post in an email.


Recently, the snowboarding toddler gained attention when snowboarding magazine, Onboard, named her the Keystone Kid Of The Week. They featured her in a video where she showed off her moves on an adorable miniature board made just for her.

"Burton Snowboards, the largest snowboard company in the world, gave her 2015 mini boots to test the smallest boots in the world," said Haight. And she's put them to good use, which makes sense for someone named after a famous ski and board town.

"She really enjoys being out in the snow and riding," said Haight. "And I see [her name] fitting more and more every day when I can't get her to come inside!"

Looks like we've got another future Winter Olympian in the making...

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