03/26/2014 11:37 am ET Updated Mar 26, 2014

Former CEO: There Is No One Representing Low-Wage Workers

As several of the nation’s top business leaders prepare to rally support behind the Fair Minimum Wage Act, one of those attendees spoke out Wednesday about how Congress has left workers at the mercy of big companies.

Former AT&T CEO and current Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners Leo Hindery Jr. sat down with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, explaining how the minimum wage issue is "attacked for all the wrong reasons." Hindery Jr., who will be in Washington Thursday for meetings with senators, said millions of people are in a "perpetually under-earning state" because of money in politics.

"We sold our Congress to big money interests years ago," he said. "There is no lobbying interest on behalf of a low-paid worker. Nobody. Nobody represents them, yet somebody obviously represents Wal-Mart in Washington and McDonald's in Washington."

Watch the interview above.



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