03/26/2014 05:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

25 Things You Only Know If You're From San Diego

Los Angeles and San Francisco can busy themselves with California turf wars all they want, because the people of San Diego are happy to keep it easy, breezy and beautiful. I mean, when you have the most perfect climate and some of the world's loveliest beaches, who has time for competition?

The thing is, we're tired of people thinking what makes San Diego great is just Sea World and The Zoo. It's more than that. It's the Gaslamp Quarter, Oceanside and everything in between.. So whether you're from San Diego or have simply had the pleasure of visiting, indulge for a moment in things all San Diegans can appreciate.

1. Nothing brightens a day more than the sunbathing seals in La Jolla.

la jolla seals

2. Except maybe doing some sunbathing yourself.

sunbathing san diego

3. Mexican food isn't a cuisine. It's a lifestyle.

san diego tacos

4. To be clear, the grungiest-looking places are always the most delicious.

robertos mexican food

el indio san diego

5. And by the way, it's not "hot sauce," it's called salsa.

salsa hot sauce

6. Sorry Seattle, but we know who really has the world's best coffee.

pannikin coffee

7. ... And the best pizza west of Sicily. (No offense, Brooklyn.)

pizza port san diego

8. Which makes sense because our Little Italy rivals the best of 'em.

little italy san diego

9. Let's not forget VG Bakery. Their donuts will ruin all other donuts forever.

vgs donuts

10. When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, the best beach hike ever is at Torrey Pines State Park.

torrey pines

11. And sometimes you just need to get naked outdoors. That's where skinny dipping at Black's Beach comes in.

nude beach la jolla

12. Carmel Valley is where the cougars are.

mountain lion

And no, we're not talking about mountain lions…

13. San Diego farmers markets are to die for. And they're open year-round.

san diego farmers market

14. Because, seasons? What are seasons?

palm tree christmas tree

15. As for music, we were rocking records well before your hipster friends.

lous records encinitas

16. And Jack Johnson loves our city almost as much as our city loves Jack Johnson.

jack johnson san diego

17. The Self-Realization Fellowship gardens are free and wonderful.

self realization gardens

18. Though Balboa Park is pretty hard to top.

balboa park

19. San Diego has been deemed America's craft beer capital.

beer san diego

20. If you don't surf, skate or practice yoga, you should probably move somewhere else.

san diego surf

21. For the record: "Beach bum" is not a derogatory term.

beach bum

22. Even our dogs are "beach bums."

del mar dog beach

del mar dog beach

23. Who could blame them? Nothing beats a San Diego sunset on the beach.

san diego sunset

24. Except maybe a San Diego sunset seen from hot air balloon. We have a lot of hot air balloons.

san diego hot air balloon sunset

25. And last but not least, San Diegans know how to keep it classy.