03/26/2014 03:53 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2014

Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate Passes Kidney Stone During Debate

A Democrat vying to become Massachusetts' next governor spent a 90-minute debate in intense pain while passing a kidney stone, the Boston Globe reports.

Mass. State Treasurer Steve Grossman, one of several Democrats vying for the statehouse, suffers from chronic kidney stones. Although he was woken up by the pain Tuesday morning, he decided to press on with his day, including Tuesday night's forum.

The forum, hosted by MassEquality Education Fund and WGBH, focused on issues impacting the LGBT community. Eight of the nine gubernatorial candidates attended the event.

Passing a kidney stone can be excruciatingly painful, with some describing the discomfort as worse than childbirth. According to campaign spokesperson Chandra Allard, the candidate's pain registered a 10 on a one to 10 scale.

Inevitably, the incident quickly inspired a parody Twitter account: @GrossmansStone.



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