03/26/2014 10:37 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The Gay Men Project' By Kevin Truong Engaged In Kickstarter

"The Gay Men Project" is a large-scale photography endeavor from Kevin Truong that aims to document the lives and experiences of gay men on a global scale.

Over the past two years, Truong has traveled to 15 cities, seven countries and four continents in order to capture the lives of almost 400 men. Each individual photographed then provides his personal story and testimonial to be published along with their image.

In order to continue to finance this body of work, Truong is now engaged in a Kickstarter campaign to fund his travels to an additional 15 countries.

"When I say I'm trying to create the largest collection of stories of gay men in the world, I really do mean it," Truong told The Huffington Post. "But I think the ambition of such an endeavor is balanced by the simplicity of the idea. Really, all I'm doing is traveling to different cities and photographing individuals, and asking them to write a short [piece] about their lives. But collectively, what all of us have built together, as it stands now, is a catalog of nearly 400 stories from sixteen cities, seven countries and four continents across the world. I think it's already impressive and I can't wait to see how far all of us can take it."

For more information check out the video above and head here to view the Kickstarter campaign for "The Gay Men Project."