03/26/2014 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hip-Hop Group Young Fathers Talks American Tour (VIDEO)

The Scotland-based alternative hip-hop group Young Fathers joined HuffPost Live to perform a couple songs and discuss their new album, "Dead."

This unique trio met in an unusual fashion. Graham "G" Hastings, who does vocals and synth for the group, explained their story.

"There was just this one club that was for under-agers, and everyone who liked hip-hop went to this club," he said. "It was just too loud to even talk to each other. We just started dancing with each other, and then after I invited the guys to my bedroom where I was, like, recording and stuff. I had a little setup, a karaoke machine and a mic just hanging from a cupboard, then we used to just record that way when we first started."

From that moment in 2008, the group became brothers.

"It's just been the three of us. We bonded because of our attitudes towards music," Hastings said.

After performing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the group told host Theo Bark they're thrilled to be touring across the US.

"It means more to be here in America for us, you know, growing up watching music from America and stuff like that, it's great to come here," Hastings explained.

Check out Young Fathers' performance of "Low" above, and watch the full HuffPost Live segment below



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