03/27/2014 05:20 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

17 Reasons To Love Ben & Jerry's Even More


Ben & Jerry's blew us all away last month when they revealed their new Core flavors. As long-time fans of Ben & Jerry's, we'd like to think we know a lot about one of our favorite ice cream makers, but the Ben & Jerry's Core flavors really threw us for a loop. They proved, yet again, the company's enduring ability to surprise us. Time and again Ben & Jerry's wows us with something new and totally awesome.

This latest invention got us thinking: what else don't we know about Ben & Jerry's? A lot, apparently. Did you know, for example, that the original concept they had was a bagel shop? Or that they make their own waffle cones fresh in the stores?

Here are 17 surprising things about Ben & Jerry's that will make you love them even more:

  • 1 The original concept Ben and Jerry had was to open a bagel company.
    David McGlynn via Getty Images
    We'd probably love Ben & Jerry's Bagels too.
  • 2 Ben wanted to call the company “Josephine’s Flying Machine.”
    Jerry wasn't a fan.
  • 3 The company started with a 12,000 dollar investment.
    Dan Van Oss via Getty Images
    And a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State.
  • 4 The only thing Ben and Jerry ever fought about was the size of the chunks.
    Facebook/Ben & Jerrys
    Ben wanted big chunks and eventually got his way.
  • 5 There's a real flavor graveyard.
    Where discontinued flavors like Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (RIP) go to die.
  • 6 Ben & Jerry's employees make the waffle cones fresh in stores.
    They even make the batter from scratch. That's why they taste so good!
  • 7 On average, there are 259 little squares on a waffle cone.
    Holger Leue via Getty Images
    (Or 259 crevices for the ice cream to fill.)
  • 8 The Ben & Jerry's headquarters is a dog-friendly office.
    GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images
    Because of course it is.
  • 9 The first pint flavors were...
    Ben & Jerry's
    Oreo Mint, French Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Wild Blueberry, Mocha Walnut, Maple Walnut, Honey Coffee and Honey Orange.
  • 10 The worst-selling flavors of all time were...
    Ben & Jerry's
    1) Sugar Plum: In the first three weeks it was on store shelves it sold ONE pint! And 2) Mocha Walnut: According to Ben, “Mocha Walnut is my all-time favorite flavor, but when we packed it in pints, it turned out to be our all-time worst-selling ice cream. Jerry is fond of saying that there is no accounting for personal taste.”
  • 11 There's a special name for someone who mines through a pint for the big chunks:
    Ben & Jerry's
    A Chunk Spelunker!
  • 12 There is a slide in the Ben & Jerry's office lobby.
    Ben & Jerry's
    It sounds like a real-life Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
  • 13 Ben & Jerry’s employees can take home 3 pints a day.
    Facebook/Ben & Jerry's
  • 14 The machinery used to create the Core flavors is based on a German sausage maker.
    Facebook/Ben & Jerry's
    The core flavors taste nothing like sausage, however. At least not yet.
  • 15 Ben & Jerry's receives 13,000 flavor suggestions every year.
    Facebook/Ben & Jerry's
  • 16 New Core flavors are in the works.
    Ben & Jerry's
  • 17 Ben and Jerry have been friends since they were little kids.
    Ben & Jerry's
    Ben explains, "We were the two slowest, fattest kids in gym class. There was the whole class running around the track, and then half a lap behind there were two guys. So we were connected from the beginning."

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