03/27/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sorry, Hipsters: 17 Signs You Are NOT In A Dive Bar

You think your favorite bar is a dive, but have you ever even been in one?

Hipsters may have made the dive bar fashionable, but that also means we have to raise the bar (or lower it?) on what we consider a "dive." Spoiler alert: a dingy, dimly lit pub does not a dive bar make.

Here are 17 signs that your favorite dive bar is actually just a regular, ol' bar.

1. They checked your ID on the way in.

2. The wine selection includes more options than just "Red" or "White."

3. The bartender charges more than $3 for a can of PBR.

4. At least one person is wearing a bowtie.

5. It's called "Dive Bar."

Photo: DiveBarNYC

6. They have free wifi (and people are actually using it).

7. They serve cocktails that contain fresh cucumbers, fresh mint or anything fresh, really.

8. You feel totally comfortable leaving your purse/phone/wallet unattended.

9. Your feet aren't sticking to the floor (or stepping in sawdust) at all times.

10. The bathroom has a working lock.

11. And isn't constantly out of toilet paper.

12. You've overheard a college student refer to it as a "Secret Speakeasy."

13. They have more than one kind of bitters.

14. They offer growlers.

Photo: Flickr/TheDigitelBeaufort

15. They host a trivia night.

16. The jukebox is hooked up to the Internet.

17. And, finally, they serve food that isn't fried, pickled or a bowl full of mixed nuts.

Photo:Rotten Tomatoes

So, the next time you call your favorite happy hour spot a "dive bar," ask yourself, is it? Or is it just hipster nonsense?

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