03/27/2014 02:45 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2014

Weathermen Blown Away (Literally) By Massive Blizzard

So THAT'S what over-100-mph wind looks like.

Two reporters with the Weather Network in Canada were literally blown away while reporting outside in dangerous blizzard conditions on Wednesday.

The weathermen were standing in the middle of the massive storm that hit Cape Cod, Maine and the Canadian Maritime, which proved to be the worst storm to hit the area in at least ten years.

Cameras captured the reporters being picked up and swung over by the winds in the middle of their coverage. The men said that the winds were blowing at about 170 kilometers per hour (that's Canadian for about 105.6 miles per hour) and that it felt like they were "standing in a sandblaster."

Watch below:

(h/t: The Vane)

Note: this post initially said that the winds were blowing at 170 miles per hour, rather than kilometers. We ask readers to forgive us for that most American of slip-ups.