03/31/2014 10:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

70% Of Calories Come From This, From David Zinczenko (VIDEO)

To immediately cut calories out of your diet, David Zinczenko, author of Eat It To Beat It!, gave us some simple, easy tips.

According to David, cutting calories starts with understanding what ingredients are actually in your food, which requires careful and constant label reading.

“70 percent of our calories come from processed ingredients,” he told us. “If you can’t pronounce something on a food’s ingredient list, “ he said, “you should throw it away.”

David also suggests paying attention to the ingredients on the back of packages rather than the front. Be wary of broad terms like “all natural” or “reduced fat,” as these marketing techniques are often actually deceptive.

“A lot of times these things sound good, but food marketers have actually stripped all the good nutrients from a food,” David said.

For more of David's healthy living tips, view the slideshow below:

Healthy Eating Tips From David Zinczenko

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