03/28/2014 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Drink Like A Genius God This Weekend By Channeling Your Inner Kanye

Happy Friday! Welcome to Drink Like A Famous Person, where we let you bring out your fabulous side in the name of some well-earned R&R. Eschew your regular habits this weekend by drinking like...

Kanye West!

Whether you believe a book-hating "pop enigma" genius and his reality TV star fiancée deserve to be enshrined on the cover of fashion's preeminent glossy, or you wonder why everyone's got themselves in such a titter, you can still get your drink on like the "Braveheart of creativity."

The secret, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Hennessy.

Glasses? Glasses are for people who aren't Kanye West. Glasses are for the Normals. The recipe for channeling your inner Yeezus through choice of adult beverage is very simple -- purchase one bottle of Hennessy. That's it. Refuse to share. Take swigs liberally, frequently, and without regard for modesty. Modesty is "bullshit." Other people should hear the glorious inner workings of your mind, too, so be sure to spew opinions anytime, anywhere.

Because really, how could you be Kanye and want to be anyone else?




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