03/28/2014 10:09 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2014

Starbucks Bouncer Video 'Are You On The List' Totally Nails It

"You know what's annoying? Bouncers that won't let you in because you're not on the list. You know what else is annoying? When you can't get your morning coffee." So begins writer Jena Kingsley's video "Are You On The List? Starbucks Prank." Even though it's a joke, the hilarious video isn't all that unbelievable -- as some of the customers who fall for it reveal.

Starbucks customer after customer tries to get in the door, while Kingsley, clipboard in hand, asks if they have a reservation.

"Are you on the list today?"
"For what?"
"For coffee."
"You're kidding."

The reservation system is a "Kickstarter/crowdsourcing" initiative Kingsley came up with, she explains to customers. She likens it to the genius bar at Apple. People are really confused when they confront Kingsley at the door, and while some get angry, others accept it in disbelief and storm away.

Kingsley doesn't break. At one point she suggests a customer go to the coffee shop around the corner to wait, and return when her time slot is up.

While having a bouncer at Starbucks is ridiculous, as far as we're concerned, Kingsley's got us convinced: this very well could be the future of Starbucks. So you'd better watch to prepare yourself.

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